Language: 中国
Scope of work


To co-ordinate and liase with overseas suppliers on shipment matters and to co-ordinate
To collect the goods from overseas suppliers to warehouse in Shanghai,store up local supplier's cargo 
To handle all shipping documents and custom clearance 
To handle payment for oversea suppliers
To issue VAT invoice for Oversea supplier's items
Arrange delivery to hotel by locations (per schedule provided)
Inspect and sort items by area and prepare documents for delivery to site
Issue weekly inventory report in warehouse
To arrange insurance from point to point
Installation of Safe and Mini Bar Refrigerator
Room Distribution and Installation of Framed Artworks 
Room Distribution of Mattress
Room Distribution of Decorative Lighting
Room Distribution of Soft Furnishing
Delivery of Ironing Board / Operator's Accessories
Delivery of Artifact / Loose Accessories
Sorting & Distribution Flatware & Holloware
Sorting & Distribution Linen / Toweling
Sorting & Distribution Glassware
Sorting & Distribution Amenities
Sorting & Distribution Chinaware
Sorting & Distribution Electrical goods
Final Room Set-up  (refers to FFE)
Distributing of Banquet Equipment & Furniture
Distributing of Stewarding glassracks, equipments, accessories
Distributing of Trollies
Distributing of Office Equipments


Pre-Inspection (PRELIMINARY)

Joint Inspection (ACCEPTANCE)

 For custom design made OSE items to be inspected and received by MO and Logistic Company personnel once a week at warehouse. (MO should have one final product of each custom design made item as quality control sample) 
For standard catalog OSE items, it will be inspected and received by logistic company.
Issue Discrepancies, Defect and Variations Report (FFE)
Issue Discrepancies, Defect and Variations Report (OSE)
Final inventory and acceptance
Handover to MOBJ and Sign Off Handover Documents.
Final Joint Inspection 
Part IV- throughout the above scope
Security (24 Hours)
Floor & Door Frame Protection
Cleaning, Remove Protection & Remove Packing Materials
All other related scope under logisitics other than stated above, will be carried out by logistics. 
Pre-Inspection (PRELIMINARY)
This inspection calls for physical counting of cartons, boxes and pieces (FFE) and viewing actual cargoes of OSE.
During this process, all OSE items will be checked if goods are correct per prototype & PO before schedule to deliver to site.
Joint Inspection (ACCEPTANCE)
This inspection will be done during load-in where FFE will be checked for defects in the respective areas upon delivery.
As for OSE, final physical count of pieces will be carried out during this inspection.