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Altaeco Italy

Altaeco Italy Industry Group is a world-class manufacturer of ceramic products, owns Bardelli, appiani, VOGUE, GABBLANELLI upscale brand tiles and mosaics. The beautifully finished with an artistic soul products are using Venice, Italy’s river mud as raw material, combine rigorous process of ancient and modern technology, all are hand-painted color. With rich colors, a variety of series and specifications, smooth glossy and matt texture by Gio Ponti, Piero Fornasetti, Tord Boontje, Nigel Coates, and include Davide Pizzigoni, product designer for Bulgari. A number of world-renowned designer tiles exclusively designed and signed to meet any technical requirements with highly artistic and unique design, more suitable for high-end indoor and outdoor decoration clubs, brand showroom, SPA Center, swimming pools, hotels, landmarks, etc. Show perfect design inspiration and beauty. sturdy texture is to ensure durable use. Altaeco already has 50 years of history its products are well-respected, has won wide acclaim. The quality, artistic, romantic perfect combination, it is synonymous with good taste, modern decor.


My company provide for the domestic design needs of the clients in China, assisting procurement, and accounting costs, to provide customers with the most convenient and most efficient logistics solutions as well as the most suitable air shipping agent import, warehousing and other services. Goods imported according to the design program. We also offer mosaic services in a solid foundation of trust on both sides, has been 10 years of partnership. Long-term mutual cooperation and support also indicates a bright prospect of cooperation!